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Starwatch Interviews Kristen, Chris and Rupert Sanders

Kristen talks about punching Chris,she throws a nice right hook 😉 Via

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Kristen’s ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ USA Today Portraits

Thanks Robstenation | Source

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Kristen,Sam,Rupert,Chris, & Charlize’s Interviews With Freshly Squeezed

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Kristen & Chris’s Interview With My Fox Atlanta

They talk fame and shooting SWATH. Source | Via

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Kristen’s Cinescape (Peru) Interview

Bruno Pinasco interviewed Kristen during Day 1 of the SWATH press junket in the UK. He will be posting his interview soon. Below is a video from his visit to Arundel castle.

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Kristen, Chris and Charlize Interviews with BBC News

Watch here Via | Via

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Kristen & SWATH Cast Interviews with RTP2

Watch here SWATH Feature starts at 4:10 after the Cosmopolis mention. Kristen’s interview at around 10:30. Discusses if Kristen ever dream of playing Snow White? punching Chris, real environment they filmed in. Thanks to Robstenation | patsystew

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