Kristen & Juliette Binoche Talk ‘Clouds of Sils Maria” With Peter Travers



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Kristen Talks “Clouds of Sils Maria” & Her Love Of Making Movies With Film Independent


“When I first read the script, I thought it was just hilarious,” said Kristen Stewart at last Friday’s Film Independent at LACMA screening of Olivier Assayas’ Clouds of Sils Maria.

The film follows Maria, an aging international film star—played by Juliette Binoche—who must return to the play that launched her career 20 years prior. This time, however, she’ll take on the role of the aging actress while a hot young Hollywood starlet, with the paparazzi at her heels, will play the part that made her a star.

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Kristen Talks To THR About Movie Making, Winning The Cesar, & The World of Celebrity


The 24-year-old, who recently became the first American actress to win France’s equivalent of the Oscar for ‘Clouds of Sils Maria,’ asks, “Why aren’t we [as a society] mentioning the fact that it’s so crazy that there are so many people that are so full of it? And why are we consuming them en masse?”
“I’ve never, ever been like, ‘One day, I’m gonna win an Oscar,’” Kristen Stewart told me on Friday when we met up on the campus of Santa Monica College. The 24-year-old, who has been acting since the age of nine, says her dreams have always centered on the work, not the reward. “Truly, my ‘one day’ was always, ‘I’m gonna be a director! One day, I’m gonna direct movies!’”
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New Photos Of Kristen At LAX

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Award’s Daily Interview With Kristen (Audio)


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Happy Easter From KSN!



Hope everyone has a nice Easter Sunday! :-)

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Kristen, Juliette Binoche, & Olivier Assayas Talk “Clouds of Sils Maria” With The L.A. Times


Turns out putting together one French filmmaker, one international grande dame and two young American stars makes for lightning in a bottle. “Clouds of Sils Maria” is an electric combination of self-awareness and emotional exploration told via a story that touches on time, celebrity and meteorological phenomena.

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