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Julianne More Talks Shooting ‘Still Alice’ & Working With Kristen

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I’m guessing you didn’t shoot this chronologically.

No. [laughs] No way. Like with every movie you shoot by location, in this instance Kristen [Stewart] and I shot the last scene of the movie of the ninth day, because that was in the interior of the house. So we kind of had to shoot that before we got anywhere near the end. So it’s challenging, definitely.
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Julianne Moore Talks Working With Kristen

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Kristen Talks Finding Herself Through Her Roles

Kristen Stewart has a come a long way since the “Twilight” franchise that launched her fame into the stratosphere. The hit series only wrapped two years ago, and already Stewart has distanced herself from the films that made her name by appearing in a number of smaller projects this year that prove her worth as an actress.
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Kristen Attends The AFI Fest Indie Contenders Roundtable

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Kristen Talks Ghosts On The Set of ‘Camp X-Ray’ + New Sundance Portrait


When Kristen Stewart headed to a Los Angeles prison to shoot Camp X-Ray, she expected that her role as a soldier who befriends a detainee in Guantanamo Bay would be intense—but she had no idea that ghost hunting would be part of the job. Spending almost a month on the set of a deserted detention center, Stewart and her co-stars found themselves getting spooked more often than not when filming the powerful drama. We caught up with the cast at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where they filled us in on the most haunting behind-the-scenes moments from the movie, out now.
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Vans Head Designer For Women Angie Dita Talks Kristen’s Personal Style

Kristen Stewart arrives at  LAX in nice fashion

Kristen Stewart landed at LAX last week, sporting a pair of classic Vans “Era” skater kicks in black. She is known for often switching out her stilettos for sneakers on the red carpet, and we conjecture she is probably quite happy to see the shoe style spectrum swinging toward the latter. We caught up with Angie Dita, Vans head designer for women, who said, “It’s great to see a young talent who can mix high fashion with beloved laid back pieces and remain true to her personal style.” We couldn’t agree more.


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Kristen Appears On ‘The Tavis Smiley Show’ (Full Interview)



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