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Vans Head Designer For Women Angie Dita Talks Kristen’s Personal Style

Kristen Stewart arrives at  LAX in nice fashion

Kristen Stewart landed at LAX last week, sporting a pair of classic Vans “Era” skater kicks in black. She is known for often switching out her stilettos for sneakers on the red carpet, and we conjecture she is probably quite happy to see the shoe style spectrum swinging toward the latter. We caught up with Angie Dita, Vans head designer for women, who said, “It’s great to see a young talent who can mix high fashion with beloved laid back pieces and remain true to her personal style.” We couldn’t agree more.


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Kristen Appears On ‘The Tavis Smiley Show’ (Full Interview)



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Juliette Binoche Talks Working With Kristen


In “Clouds of Sils Maria,” you play an aging actress who sort of gets threatened by a younger actress. I’m assuming you aren’t actually threatened by Kristen Stewart or Chloe Moretz. Did you take on a mentor or teaching role during filming?
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Nichloas Hoult Talks ‘Equals’ and Working With Kristen & Director Drake Doremus


He has presence on screen and you buy into what he’s selling.  It just feels authentic when he’s doing stuff.  Let’s talk about Equals, because I love Drake’s work.  I think he’s a really talented director.  For people that don’t know, tell people what it’s about and the fact that you got to film all over the place.
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New Photo of Kristen From USA Today + New Interview


Kristen Stewart loves her cropped hairdo. And we do mean, loves it.

It’s easy. It’s functional. And it requires minimal maintenance.

“I’m going to play with this for a while. At some point I’ll grow it out because then I have more options for parts. I don’t like wearing a wig. I hate wearing wigs in movies. It feels fake to me,” she told us.
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Download & Listen To Josh Horowitz’s Audio Podcast With Kristen


Download for free, now on iTunes

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Kristen Talks Feminism, Filmmaking, & Upcoming Films With The Daily Beast


It’s been two years since the end of Twilight and that tabloid hullabaloo. Now, the actress is back with a trio of standout performances in indie films. She opens up about her latest chapter.

Kristen Stewart looks like a new woman. Yes, it’s an odd thing to say about a 24-year-old, but the steely-eyed Angeleno isn’t your typical twenty-something. At age 11, she tackled a pivotal seizure sequence for David Fincher in Panic Room with such ferocity that she burst several blood vessels in her eyes. “She reminded me of a young Jodie Foster,” said Fincher. She’s been forged in the crucible of Hollywood, enduring a polarizing film franchise (Twilight), tabloid controversy, and incessant scrutiny—and emerged all the wiser.
These days, she’s decidedly more Joan Jett than Bella Swan.
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