Secrets Of The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Arm-Wrestling Scene + New Edward & Bella Still


“Kristen did such a good job of creating this entirely new character that feels like a new person,” Meyer said. ” I was so impressed with her.”

But, Condon added, he made sure to keep in special touches to remind fans that, at her core, Bella Swan was still the same girl they fell in love with during “Twilight” and that Stewart is a big part of her.

“We worked to bring as much of her to it as possible,” Condon said of Stewart. “For example, you know, when she has that arm-wrestling scene with Emmett, there’s the stuff she does after she wins and breaks the rock, and she says, ‘Did you see that?’ It’s pure Kristen. And I left it in just to make sure it wasn’t so different from the part that she created and from her.”






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