Kristen’s Interview with Josh Horowitz for On the Road

Rough Cuts
The language of ‘On The Road’

Kristen told Josh: “It’s funny. For one thing, it’s in 1948, and people spoke with a very different canter, literally it is like an accent. And [we] had listened to these tapes of hers and I think it took five minutes for everyone to sort of look around the table and just start laughing cause no one really knew how to handle how infectious it was… The one thing that struck me was they just used more words to describe what they spoke about, but I didn’t find myself saying words like ‘swell’,” she said, but did note she took something away from the flick. “And there is one thing that she said constantly that I tried to adopt actually and by the end of it did, I could naturally kind of own it. But she was constantly going ‘in any case’ ’cause she was constantly in one direction and another, just constantly talking about a million different things. After everything she said it was ‘in any case.’ It was really cute.”

And, Stewart really had to adopt the speech pattern of Marylou, who she explains sounds nothing like her. She added, “It was like suddenly everyone just completely fell in love with her, the way her voice sort of … it’s really melodic. It goes up and down and is everywhere incredibly expressive, whereas I do speak in a very monotone sort of way. Even though she grew up in L.A. and then moved to Denver, she just sounded like she was from a different world.”

Reading books and watching movies as a kid- OTR the novel, watching ‘The Shining’ as a kid

Losing inhibitions for the dancing scene & a little about her participation in the 121212 Benefit


What’s next up for Kristen? Lots of ‘Focus’ talk (“It’s a really good story!”); SWATH sequel (“[It’s] not quite there yet, but the people [in charge] are fairly ambitious about it.. about the idea of it”); and “soaking up” the last round of Twilight promo

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