Kristen’s Interview for ‘On The Road’ with Rob Lowman (LA Reporter)

Kristen recently sat down with LA Reporter Rob Lowman for a chat about On The Road. Here are a few excerpts from their interview. You can read the rest of Lowman’s article and more from Kristen at the LA Daily News.

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On Marylou

“It’s said that she was ahead of her time. But it takes a particular kind of person to live a life like that. She sort of had an unlimited empathy.”

“Marylou is not fearless – because that would be such a silly thing, and she’s not a silly person,” Stewart says. “But she is so motivated and not crippled by fear in life. As a teenager that’s a very difficult thing to achieve. That’s something that a lot of people get when they’re older.”

On her connection to the material

“I read it at a stage of life where you realize that you can choose the people who surround you,” she says.

“You can fall into the habit of being comfortable. There are people that are nice to be around, but they don’t challenge you. Those are not the people I wanted in my life. I want people to throw me off a little bit so I can figure out why. After I read the book, I thought I needed to find people that I feel like I needed to chase after. And I wanted it to be hard to keep up with them. So it wasn’t difficult to stay committed to the movie.”

Marylou and the other female characters are not just sexual objects in the movie.

“For anyone who thinks that she is just a woman who was taken from, that’s just a heavily misogynistic viewpoint,” says the actress. “It’s a really rare quality that makes you capable of living a really full, a really rich life.”

It’s 1940’s-50’s setting and the Women’s Movement

“That’s why you don’t know where their heads are and where their hearts are,” she says. “So it may be difficult to understand that they have the capacity to not be broken by (men)….People ask me why is the story so relevant if we progressed to this point – that times were so different, so conservative then,” she says. “I’m not too sure about that. Maybe on the surface, but I don’t think people change. Circumstances change. Human desires, things that you want out of life are always going to be pretty varied. But there’ll always be a group of outsiders who don’t feel that way. Once they find each other … they make it OK to walk a different line and have different expectations of life.”

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