Kristen and Nicolas Ghesquiere in Marie Claire (UK) Nov 2012

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Some of Kristen’s quotes from the interview:
On Florabotanica and wearing scents: “Fragrance is feral. It’s sexual, it’s about your skin.”

Fearlessness is the key to cool: “It’s about being on the edge of something- about not taking the easy route. To be cool is not to be crippled by yourself.”

On loving Balenciaga fashion: “I especially loved the outfit I wore to the [Madrid New Moon] Premiere: a see-through paneled skirt over tiny shorts. I was unbelievably cool”

Marie Claire UK | Scans via @malenacasey

*Note:  The interviewer’s commentary in the full article leaves a bit to be desired, so we posted the better parts only. You can also read a transcript here.

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