ComicCon “Breaking Dawn- Part 2” Press Conference (Video+Transcripts)

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Clevver TV – Part 1: Introductions, Walking Out & First Few Minutes

Part 2

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Vampire sex scene question only

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Rob’s Mr&Mrs Smith suggestion only

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Below are experts from various outlet’s Press Conference transcripts or articles. Click the links to go to their full transcript. For Panel videos, see our other post.

Collider has the full transcript. And also, for full AUDIO, listen here)
KRISTEN STEWART: It is funny. If you told me tomorrow that we had to have reshoots of some scenes that they weren’t happy with, I’d be so happy that I’d start vibrating because I do really enjoy playing this role. We got to do it for four years. When you do that, even though it is a bummer to walk away, I look back on it so fondly that I hold it and it’s something I’ll always have. I’m really thankful for that.

Taryn Ryder at Celebuzz:
On what kind of Vamp-on-Vamp Sex Scenes will be in BD2-
“Ratings man, it’s a tricky thing,” Kristen said before turning to Mackenzie Foy– who plays her daughter in the upcoming film– “Mackenzie, go away!” Stewart elaborated on what is in store, sex-wise, in the final installment, telling Celebuzz, “How do you have– we’re supposed to have mind boggling, other worldly sex in the first one, in Breaking Dawn 1,” Stewart said. “We really tried to make the first one sweet. It’s about discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy.”
Pattinson jumped in, telling Stewart, “Get to the point Kristen.”
“Shut the f–k up,” Stewart said turning to him, which sent a room full of reporters hysterically laughing.
“You’re talking about sex, you’re swearing,” Rob said laughing looking at Stewart. Unfazed, Kristen continued, “For the second one, we just wanted to be animals. We’re not humans anymore,” she said. “Yeah, how do you do that? We tried. They told us it was rated R, and so, yeah. I’m gonna stop now.”

On a potential future ‘Twilight’ reboot- “I think it would be amazing. I would love to say that,” Pattinson. “I pity the person who takes over my part,” Pattinson cracks. Stewart says that the ending is satisfying and sweet and ideal and it doesn’t sound like she’s in favor of a reboot. “I would be open to the idea. I’d be curious to see what it is,” Stewart adds. Meyer says maybe in 20 years and, but she adds, “It would be interesting, but it would be so hard.” Pattinson asks what Meyer would write. “Bella’s story is definitely told. It’s final,” Meyer adds. Pattinson envisions a ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ showdown between Bella and Edward. “I could totally rip your head off,” Stewart laughs.

Kate Spencer at VH1:
Kristen was ON FIRE. I think this is the most confident, gregarious and powerful I’ve ever seen her at a press event (and after 5 years, I have a few under my belt). Her energy was electric. Yet she was also still her adorable, giddy self – gushing over Mackenzie and blushing while trying to talk about sex. But my overall impression today was that Kristen was the leader, and the cast was happy to follow her lead.
Some of Kate’s Favorite Moments
2. Kristen on what she first noticed about her co-star (and future boyfriend) upon meeting him back in the day: “I liked his pants.”
3. Kristen digs in to the deep questions about how she’s changed since the first film. “Let’s do it!” she joked. “I am so deep.”
4. Kristen on her connection with Taylor and Rob: “Sometimes you meet people and you’re like, ‘We should make stuff together. We”ll do good. Let’s utilize whatever this energy is that’s passing between us, let’s do it.’ And I have that with both of you.”

Vampire Mentality: Kristen talked extensively about how much she loved being able to slip into vamp mode (saying that her first undead hunting scene remains one of her all time favorites). There was one issue she had though: Her tone of voice! “Hey, uh, Steph…how am I going to sound like wind chimes, you jerk! That’s impossible,” Kristen joked about the author’s words.

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