Kristen & Cast Interview With Se Estrena (Antena 3)

Antena3 via Google translate. Mirror, mirror magic who is the fairest of these two actresses? Before responding, Snow White’s stepmother and asked them about beauty .

Do they like what they see when they look in the mirror?

“Depends on the day,” says a stunning Charlize Theron. “Yes, most of the time” answers safest Kristen Stewart. The first is the wicked stepmother in Snow White, the second in the new adaptation of the story “Snow White and the Huntsman” 

Two. Strengths and weaknesses in its appeal:

 “A good sense of humor, that’s my strong point” – answers the South African – A good sense of humor is my weak point. “” I like my hands are a family trait. At home we all have similar – in turn says the star of the twilight saga – I do not like my hair. ”

Three. Of the many compliments you have heard, does anyone remember?

“The one I liked is a recent one, I’m a good mother” responds Charlize tender. “May I elect as White was a compliment,” says Stewart.

More Trick to be this radiant.

“If you want my secret I’ll have to kill you …” – Funny the blonde says “No seriously, I love to tell you that I have a special mask that I wear at night, or something like that, but it is dedication.” The secret of the young, 22 is “fun, It will make you feel better. Out … every night.”

 And put names to the beauty

Charlize Theron says, “My mother, I think my mother is fabulous … and George Clooney and Brad Pitt think they measure up.”

Kristen, however, uses to praise his castmates: “Charlize … and Chris Hemsworth.”


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