Two NEW SWATH Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Access Hollywood entitled this “Kristen Stewart Fights Back” (via)

Access Hollywood: Despite the changes to the usually meek character, Kristen says the highly anticipated film maintains the integrity of the original fairytale.

“We do stay very true to who she is in the story,” Kristen said of her character in a new interview for the film. “I mean, she represents sort of a very general, very nice sort of ideal, but not perfect, look at how humanity can be good and how they can care about each other.”

The 22-year-old beauty said there are elements of the film that certainly conjure up notions of a classic fairytale, while adding an edgier twist.

“You expect the animals in the forest and things to sort of be moving strangely and all of that, but there’s just something so not fairy tale-esque about it that makes it like– we’re not copying something, we’re not imitating something,” she explained. “It’s like we’re making a new fairytale, and it’s so worthy of the word. I mean, it really does take you somewhere that is like other worldly.”

As for working with her handsome co-star Chris Hemsworth, Kristen said the “Thor” star helped her avoid the pitfalls of over-thinking the role by constantly bringing something new to their mutual scenes.

“We worked together really great, because he really surprises me, because things just come out without having to talk about them or anything,” she said of the Aussie actor. “I’m always obsessed with like, ‘What about this? Have you ever thought about this and this and this?’ So we really surprise each other when we can actually go and run the scene and both of our processes don’t matter.

“It’s like so much fun to sort of just go with him,” she continued. “And he’s just super cool. He’s really funny.

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