‘Breaking Dawn’ UK Premiere Interviews Part 2

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Video: MSN Exclusive: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 red carpet


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From Metro UK

R-Patz said: ‘It’s funny when you’re doing a sex scene and they’re screaming, “No, don’t actually look like you’re having sex. That’s terrifying!”

‘They’re both losing their virginity and people are afraid of showing the actual moment, which is the most emotional part of the scene.’

R-Patz, 25, revealed he was looking for another film to do with Stewart but said:‘Romantic comedies are the hardest thing to do well. It’s almost impossible and it would be kind of weird. ‘There’s been a ton of movies where I’ve read the script and thought Kristen would be great for that. ‘Kristen’s really got her own thing. There’s no other actress around who’s got the same niche and a lot of modern female parts feed into that really well.’

Stewart said she felt ‘funny’ about the end of the Twilight Saga franchise and described the experience as ‘full on’.


‘I don’t feel finished because I’m going to have to talk about it and thankfully I do love thinking about my whole experience.

‘It feels funny to know I don’t have to go back and finish more scenes. It feels very light. The largest segment of my life I remember as a whole.

‘It was a formative experience and the most indulgent experience as an actor. It was essentially four years and it was so full on for so long.”


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