Sarah Clarke (Bella’s Mother) Talks Breaking Dawn & More

PopStar sat down with Sarah Clarke (Bella’s mother) for a lengthy interview, here are a few snippets. You can read the rest here!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) opens November 18th. Lots of excitment over this one.

I know, I know. There’s just so much that happens. Bill Condon (Director) did such an amazing job on it. It’s really going to be worth the wait.

Tell us about playing Bella’s mother.

It’s such a weird role {laughs}. An enigmatic one for me, because when reading the books I was like, “Where’s the mom? What is she doing?” Bill and I had a great time with Kristen sort of figuring out the relationship, especially with the wedding and how it brings up all the old bonds that never really go away.

I definitely had to make my peace with the kind of mother that I am as Renee because I would be just a lot more involved {laughs}. So it was a very interesting discussion that Kristen and I ended up having in terms of the role reversal in our relationship.

In light of the storyline that includes Bella’s marriage and pregnancy in the film, will we finally see more of you onscreen?

Oh yea. We have some great scenes. I do get to come to the wedding, so I get to have a lot of those conversations that I was hoping would happen. And they do happen. Bill was such a firm believer that we have to believe that this mother was real – that there really is some connection that grounds her in reality because that makes the transition that much harder for her. It can’t be just about the dad and his inability to communicate, you know? It definitely brings for Renee this idea of a full circle to her own marriage and her own reasons for getting married quickly, and then sort of abandoning my family. None of that really comes out, per se, in the story lines but it’s something that resonates through Renee at the wedding and in what her daughter is embarking on.

What has been the best part of being part of the Twilight phenomenon?

It is a phenomenon and I would have to say just getting to work with these people. I enjoy Kristen and I was really happy I got to play her mom. I feel such an affinity for her and I really like her a lot, and Rob as well. Working with all the directors. Just to watch something on this scale unfold and to watch the progression of it from the first movie (which you would have thought was was an independent film the way we were shooting it), to the way it was by the end. It really did have a grand scale to it, and that doesn’t come around very often.

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