Kristen’s Full Interview About ‘Breaking Dawn’ With Premiere Magazine (Translated)

When the fans begin to rally for the release, November 16, the first part of Revelation, the fourth and penultimate chapter in the saga Twilight, Kristen Stewart has agreed to engage in an exclusive interview published in the latest First number. Here is the full version …
By Mathieu Carratier

First: The first Twilight was a teenage love story, the second a love triangle and the third almost a war movie … How would you describe Revelation?
Kristen Stewart: It’s more of a family drama. Unlike previous episodes, everyone is united in it. The beginning of the film displays a tone that contrasts sharply with the others, whose saga was badly needed in my opinion. It’s funny, light, we see the characters finally be happy. Of course, it will not last …

First: I admit to being partial to the first film of the saga, but I feel that the following two were content to stretch the story unnecessarily.
Kristen Stewart: I understand what you say on 2 and 3, and I agree: the first was a trick. It was original and there by itself. Revelation is very satisfying, I feel really found there the book that Stephenie Meyer’s leg is there. It is also the culmination of all that has been built for three films. The climax, with all the excitement that implies.

First: I read that Stephenie Meyer had laid the foundations of this fourth book after writing the first, which would explain the slightly “fill” the second and third …
Kristen Stewart: I did not know … But it is true that it is not aberrant, in that we could go directly to the end of Fascination with engagement in four. At the same time, I remember that Stephenie wrote the fourth book while we turned the first movie. When I look back at that time, it seems crazy: no one knew, we were all so different … I can still see us, actors, director, writer, come out and say (it takes embarrassed) “Hello everyone … “Now we became so close, it’s just funny.

First: You were 17 when you shot the first Twilight. How do these past four years on the saga thee changed?
Kristen Stewart: When you spend time on a project that requires hard work, you should feel invested, ready to defend the body and soul. This is what I feel for each of my films, and that’s why I choose them. Twilight allowed me to share this passion with an audience much wider. Like everything reached such a level of popularity, the story is much criticized, and I realized that it made me even more protective. The experience was also really open. When I was younger, I felt things in a very strong but I was not always able to express it. I have made tremendous progress in this regard. In terms of acting, each new project you shape, helps your inhibitions to fall gradually. I was a teenager when I started, and I think you get better as you get to know you, to take possession of your body. In acquiring this control that you can lose it when a scene requires. Like all films, Twilight made me grow. Can be a little faster than others.

First: Between Twilight, you played in The Runaways and Welcome To The Rileys. Strong characters and independent …
Kristen Stewart: It’s not a conscious choice. Since I ama natural introvert, I guess I also have to compensate for it by playing such roles. But I am not at all opposed to the idea of ​​playing characters more weak or vulnerable. It would even be quite exciting.

First: Good. Otherwise, Hollywood would not necessarily have a lot of work to offer you …
Kristen Stewart: It is true that these strong characters are rare. Notice that, in one way or another, a woman on the screen always needs the help of a man by the end of the film. It also requires that one is cute at all costs, the viewer must love us. I do not yet ready to do it myself, but I’m fascinated by actors who are willing to truly embody the characters unsympathetic.

First: How long was the shooting of two parts of Revelation?
Kristen Stewart: Six months plus three weeks of rehearsals.

First: Some days you had to be a little long …
Kristen Stewart: It was sometimes repetitive, indeed, so much so that I sometimes think back scenes from previous episodes. This does not mean they are not essential to the story, but there are days where I felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Especially when we were in Baton Rouge in the house. We shot all sequences within a row before going to shoot the exteriors. Intimate and emotional scenes, dialogue, they chained endlessly … I thought it would never stop. Especially me, who instead used independent films that are made in five minutes. After, we went to Canada where he was obviously a cold hell. Instead of being happy to finally find themselves in the open, we had only one desire: to get warm. The plan of shooting could not have been worse. Even when we shot the honeymoon in Brazil, it was the rainy season!

First: What kind of captain was Bill Condon?
Kristen Stewart: I love Bill. It really is someone who invites you into his creative process. He is always listening, but we feel it is honest. I worked with directors who are very open, they encourage you to share your suggestions so that basically, they completely do not care. Nothing to do with Bill. I really felt invested in the project, where some could have been there just to capitalize on the success of the planned film. Comic-Con, I made a joke saying, “Look, we have to achieve a size! “But I am deeply pleased that Twilight attracts that kind of talent today.

First: What were the key moments of filming for you?
Kristen Stewart: These are the most highly anticipated by fans of the book: the marriage, the first love scene, the birth … to finally play the hyper proved cathartic.

First: And the last day?
Kristen Stewart: There have been two days,actually. One where we finished shooting the wedding with the whole team, which was consistent with the idea that I had done. I knew that everyone would return home at night without really realizing the importance of the moment, before realizing the next day it was well and truly over. A little later we found ourselves in St. Thomas, the Caribbean, to finish a scene we had more or less failed in Brazil. Plans with only Rob and me, which made the moment even more special. We were on the beach, facing the rising sun … I even caught Wick Godfrey, the producer who accompanied us since the beginning of the saga, to put it into the water. It was perfect. All we could hope for a moment like this.

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