*Exclusive* KSN Interviews Beau Nelson!

KStewartnews is thrilled to share our *EXCLUSIVE* interview with Beau Nelson, Creative Director of Beauté Cosmetics Inc and Kristen Stewart’s New York City-based Make-up Artist.

KSN: In creating Kristen Stewart’s gorgeous make-up looks, you have used an array of products from Beauté’s amazing lip line. Tell is a little about how you plan to expand the Beauté product line. Where and when do you expect the products to be sold?

Beau Nelson: Beauté products are carefully edited and come to market slowly and deliberately; everything we create and work on is created from the ground up specifically to my standards, and my business partner Don Berard is very careful about placement of our products in select retail outlets in order to maintain brand image and exclusivity.

KSN: Using Beauté lips as his staple, we love that you like to mix up the brands and products you use on Kristen and your clients. We admit to running out to fill our shopping baskets with some of the shadows you’ve used to create Kristen’s looks. Are there staple items you always use, or perhaps specific “must-haves” for each client? When dipping into the make-up bags of these different lines, what products inspire Beauté in its journey to expand the line?

Beau Nelson: I do have several “Kit Essentials” that I tend to use over and over again on all my clients. Here is a list of products I love:
-NARS shadows in Pandora, All About Eve, Brousse, Paris, Bali, Blondie and Cordura
-NARS blushes in Orgasm, Madly, Gina, and Torrid
-Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
-RCK body luminizers in light and medium for the body (gives the most gorgeous shimmery but not glittery glow, and doesnt transfer to clothes!)
-Chanel Inimitable Mascara in black
-Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Powder
-Kevyn Aucoin Brow pencil in Brunette
Beauté brushes
-Beauté Luminous Volume Glosses, Liqui-Gel Stains, and Weightless Lip Cremes in all shades.
-Bobbi Brown Correctors
-Kanebo Sensai Loose powder
-Kanebo Sensai Liquid Liner
-MAC blacktrack gel liner
-YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Noir

KSN: You have said a few times that Kristen loves a smoky eye. You have that knack for never merely producing a conventional smoky eye; instead, you experiment with color and take it to the next level of drama. Kristen’s June appearance on David Letterman is a perfect example. But, we’ve also seen you do a softer, more neutral look on Kristen recently on Leno and Live! with Regis and Kelly during promotion for ‘Welcome to the Rileys.’ Where do you pull your inspiration on creating such differing looks?

Beau Nelson:When I work with celebrity clients I’m often inspired by a mix of things. The mood of the client, the dress, the hairstylists ideas, the event itself and always I am keeping in mind the runway trends. It’s this melange of things that comes together in a special way, and the creative energy that is produced between the stylist, the hairstylist, the client and myself can be quite powerful and culminate in a real “red carpet moment” that the public and the fans of the client really come to appreciate. I feel like that really happened with the Letterman look, and also with the recent ‘Welcome To the Rileys’ premier.

KSN: “Make-up for Amateurs 101” tells us to pick a dramatic look: either the eyes or the lip; rarely both. Yet, you had the make-up world squealing in delight over Kristen’s look for the ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ screening in NYC. You went with a bold lip, using Beauté ‘Masochist’ Lip Crème and a shimmery brown smoky eye. It was such a perfect complement to her lacy Valentino cocktail dress, the fashion house of red. What inspired you to break from the stereotypical “pick one” rule and create one of the boldest red carpet looks you’ve ever done on Kristen?

Beau Nelson: The “Welcome To The Rileys” look was an exercize in balance. I think the rule you referred to is really about balance, but its balance done simply… you either do an eye or a mouth and that’s that. What we did for that look was a fairly simply, but blended smoky eye, with no harsh lines, no liner on the inner rim, and no discernible blackness or a heavy lash, I used mascara on her natural lashes, but didn’t use any false ones. We also didn’t use any blush, just a neutral taupe contour, and the lipcolor we kept creamy, not too matte and not too glossy, both of which would have added more of a texture to the look that would have been distracting. By using the softness of the smoky eye, and the absence of any blush and not a lot of foundation, I felt like we could pull off a defined red lip without looking overdone. Besides that Kristen carries herself well, and is quite experimental with makeup. This isn’t the first time we have done a dark eye red lip; we once did that for Jimmy Fallon when Kristen was sick with a cold, and it was a much more severe “fashion” look than with the Valentino dress because the eye was totally black, and much more dramatic. We were going for a Robert Palmer moment then, but with the Valentino dress it was much more of a romantic feel.


KSN: The Beau-created Kristen look we get the most questions and comments on– and incidentally, our personal favourite– is the cranberry/plum dark eye for the NYC ‘Eclipse’ screening this summer. The dramatic eyes just made Kristen’s already gorgeous green eyes pop! Did Kristen love the look as much as we did? You’ve previously talked about producing the look, but we’d love to get an in-depth description as to what product layering techniques you used to specifically achieve that final look.

Beau Nelson:Kristen had just changed her hair color, and I knew it was going to be a really amazing red carpet moment and be photographed to death so I wanted to make sure she looked cool, chic, and beautiful. Adir Abergel her hairstylist did a beautiful loose and messy braided up-do which complimented her at the time newly strawberry blonde hair color (courtesy of Marie Robinson, the UBER talented NY colorist), this made Kristen’s naturally beautiful complection look even more peaches and creme and made her look a bit younger and more innocent. I decided to play against that by applying dark black and cranberry shadows to her eyes to create drama and depth and enhance the green in her eyes. Here is a how to step by step to get the eyes:

1. Start by applying NARS shadow base the the entire lid up to the brow bone and allow to dry for a full minute before applying shadows

2. Apply a thin coat of loose powder the entire eye area to make sure shadow blends nicely and doesnt grab in any spots.

3. Using the Beauté Blender brush sweep a medium-dark gray like NARS Paris (the right side of the duo) into the crease of the eye and blend well.

4. Using the Beauté Smudge brush apply a bit of NARS Zardoz cream shadow to the lashline and then blend the black upwards towards the gray with your finger

5. Using the Beauté Blender or Flat Shadow Brush apply NARS Pandora (black side) to the outer 3rd of the eye, and blend with the blender brush up and into the gray until it looks totally seamless.

6. Apply a mix of the black and gray shadows using the smudge brush under the eye making sure to blend well.

7. Using the Small Flat Shadow brush apply MAC Cranberry shadow to the inner 2/3 of the eye blending well with the black

8. Curl lashes and apply Chanel inimitable mascara

9. Apply MAC Eye Khol in Feline to the inner rims of the eye.

KSN: Kristen’s favourite look is a smoky eye; and you love to experiment with many lip colors from the Beauté line. What is your favourite look to create on our muse? What is your personal favourite creation you have ever done on Kristen or any client?

Beau Nelson:It’s hard to pick a favorite look that Ive done on any of my celebrity clients. I tend to love makeup that is grounded in classic looks, but then made modern somehow, whether thats by trying a smoky eye in a new color, or using a glossy red instead of a matte one, I always try to make my clients look not only beautiful, but also fashion forward and very cool. I think it helps that I love my work with celebrities as much as I love my work in fashion and try to keep it balanced between the two. I guess my favorite look is always the next one!


Stay tuned for a post with buy links to some of Beau’s “Kit Essentials.”
We would like to thank Beau for taking the time to chat with us and indulging our make-up loving hearts. Also, a big thank you to Beauté Cosmetics CEO, Don Berard.
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